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Unlocking the potential for growth, you can create up to 5 distinct business profiles. Each profile allows you to manage and oversee your diverse ventures independently within the same account.

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Stay connected with everyone using different profiles, maintaining full privacy of your communication, building sustainable relationships and increasing your earning potentials with multiple profiles!

Prosperity Through Connection

Expand your network by inviting others with your referral code, and witness your earnings flourish through referral commissions extending three tiers deep from their sales!

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Access a comprehensive Master Dashboard to view all your earnings, referral commissions, withdrawal options, along with module-specific statistics on the internal dashboard for precision and clarity!

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Diversify Your Earnings

With Multiples Profiles

With multiple profiles - user can diversify their earning opportunities
  • Business Profile

  • Professional Profile

  • Freelancer Profile

  • Employment Profile

  • Dating Profile

  • Family Profile

  • Personal Profile

Our Commitment

At The SharePage, Our Dedication Transcends Mere Transactions; It’s A Commitment To Weaving A Tapestry Of Positive Change Across The Globe. In Pursuit Of This Vision, We Wholeheartedly Pledge:

Through These Initiatives, We Aspire To Be More Than Just A Platform; We Aim To Be Catalysts For A Profound And Positive Transformation. The SharePage Is Not Merely A Conduit For Profits; It’s A Vessel For Purpose. We Believe In The Collective Strength Of Actions That Matter, Resonating Beyond Financial Gains. Join Us On This Meaningful Journey As We Create Enduring Ripples Of Change, Touching And Uplifting Communities Worldwide.

Join us on this impactful journey as we create enduring ripples of change, uplifting communities and fostering a better world for all.

10% For Global Health

A Promise To Allocate 10% Of Our Profits To Fund Essential Medical Treatments In Various Developing Countries, Spreading Healing And Hope To Those In Need.

2.5% For Children’s Education

An Unwavering Commitment To Devote 2.5% Of Our Profits To Advancing Children’s Education Globally, Nurturing Young Minds For A Brighter Future.

2.5% For Senior Care

A Compassionate Dedication To Earmark 2.5% Of Our Profits For Senior Care In Developing Countries, Ensuring Dignity And Support For Our Elders.

Amplify Your Earnings

With Commissions From Sales And Subscriptions Upto 3 Tiers Down

Commissions for Subscription & Sales

Any user can earn a commission upon a successful referral and will continue to earn there after on recurring subscription plans. When you refer someone who creates a Business Profile and subscribes to the monthly subscription plan, you will continue to receive the commission on the recurring subscription plan.

Subscription Commissions

When a user completes payment for the subscription and the SharePage receives the money.

  • 15% Commissions on Tier 1
  • 5% Commissions on Tier 2
  • 5% Commissions on Tier 3

Sales Commissions

When a user completes a sale of a product and the SharePage receives the commission.

  • 10% Commissions on Tier 1
  • 5% Commissions on Tier 2

Subscription Benefits

The subscription package of The SharePage offers several valuable benefits for to the business owners including:

Unlimited Posting For: Wholesale, Real Estate, Car Sales and Job Advertising

Subscribers have unlimited posting capabilities in all modules of The SharePage.

Bulk Import option in store module

The store module on The SharePage offers a bulk import option, which makes it easy for subscribers to upload multiple products or services at once. This can save them time and effort, especially if they have a large inventory.

Analytical Dashboard

The SharePage provides an analytical dashboard that offers insights and metrics on subscribers’ activities, such as post engagement, website traffic, and product status, sales chart etc. This can help subscribers track their performance and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Overall, these benefits can make The SharePage a valuable tool for subscribers who want to promote their businesses, services, or projects effectively and connect with their target audience.

Maximize Your Earnings and Savings

With Free Listings Using Multiple Profiles

NO Upfront Fee! List UNLIMITED items for FREE!
Don't pay, if you dont sell and pay only when you sale!

Pay only 7% commission on sales*

*Applicable to selected modules, some modules require subscription and do not charge commission.

  • 1

    Sell as retail, wholesale and locally or globally!

  • 2

    Sell your creative work in Arts and Craft

  • 3

    Sell Videos

  • 4

    Sell Event Tickets and much more...

Collect commissions from your referral's sales,
up to 3 Tiers !

$100/Month for Unlimited Listing In

  • Wholesale
  • Real Estate
  • Job Board
  • Car Sales
  • Hot Deals

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