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Earning Opportunities

The SharePage offers its users some amazing earning opportunities with $0 investment!

There are some incredible ways of revenue generation where users will not have to pay any upfront fee or any recurring fee, but earn a passive income from The SharePage! All that is required is registration to The SharePage and referring.

The following earning opportunities are available for the users, at the moment :



We offer 3 level commissions on all our subscription plans. and also it is for the lifetime of the subscription, which means, you refer once and upon successful referrals, you receive a referal fee not for the first time but you will continue to receive commission for the lifetime of the subscriber and it is a 3 tier commission earning on the subscription. 

A lifetime commission means that the referrer will continue to receive a percentage of the subscription fees paid by their referrals for as long as they remain subscribed to The SharePage. This creates a strong incentive for users to refer high-quality leads who are likely to remain subscribed to the platform for an extended period of time.

By offering a commission on subscription plans, users can not only benefit from the features The SharePage offers, but they can also potentially earn some extra income by referring others. 

The SharePage offers 3 Tier-level commissions as shown below:

  1. Tier 1 Commissions: 15% (Direct)
  2. Tier 2 Commissions: 5% (Indirect)
  3. Tier 3 Commissions: 5% (Indirect)




We offer 10% back to you from every sales commission that we receive! When you refer anyone to The SharePage, and when they sale an item, The SharePage takes 7% commission and we give back 10% to you for referring that person to the website! You will keep receiving commissions whenever your referred contacts sell an item on our platform. 

The sales commission is offered at 1st Tier and 2nd Tier level.



The SharePage offers 2Tier-level commissions as shown below from sales:


  1. Tier 1 Commissions: 10% (Direct)
  2. Tier 2 Commissions: 5% (Indirect)


SALES EARNINGS -  You earn from direct sales 

You can earn from most of the modules by selling your products or services. The modules where you can earn from are:

  1. Store
  2. Rent a Place
  3. Arts and Craft
  4. Video
  5. Events



The SharePage offers an Independent Business Owner (IBO) opportunity to all users who would like to earn by offering "Set-up Support" to businesses. This is an independently running support system where anyone can offer the support to the businesses and make an earning, and it does not cost anything to the user.

The SharePage is offering 70% of the support package fee (on all support package) as a compensation fee to the users who are providing support to the business. 


  • BASIC PACKAGE - $250

The support package includes following tasks (content must be provided):

  • Assistance in setting up business account
  • Creating business profiles along with other profiles 
  • Product photo shoot and editing / formatting of photos for online store 
    • Basic Package - 50 Photos
    • Standard Package - 100 Photos
    • Supreme Package - 200 Photos
  • Setting up online store 
    • Retail or Wholesale
  • Setting up POS 
    • Product Page
    • Customer Page
    • Supplier Page
    • Employee Page
    • Account settings
  • Setting ads on modules (which ever is applicable)
    • Basic Package - 5 Ads
    • Standard Package - 10  Ads
    • Supreme Package - 20 Ads
  • Uploading products for online and POS
    • 1000 records
  • Creating Business portfolio 
    • up to 10 portfolio
  • Setting up Webspace
    • Linking modules
    • Adding maximum of 5 custom pages 
  • Setting up Gallery 
    • Adding maximum of 5 Albums and 10 photos in each



To be a successful IBO of The SharePage, the user has to learn everything that The SharePage is offering and how it works to offer the support services to others! User can learn about our system from the  Tutorials on our Knowledge Base as well as from the "HOW TO" page

Anyone can start a business by offering the support! As long as the user is well versed on all the functionalities of The SharePage, and feel confident to do so, he/she can start offering the Support System. This can be an independently running business on its own where any user can invite business owners to The SharePage and offer support to setup the account. To find businesses in need of support, users are free to market their services on The SharePage’s platform or through their own network to reach out to businesses and offer their services.

To make sure that the business owners are satisfied with the support, The SharePage only releases the payment when the business owners complete the form as "Completion of the Job" by checking on all the support list (shown above) in the form. Once a user has completed a job, The SharePage pays the user 70% of the support fee for their services. 

It’s important to note that users who are providing the support will need to comply with SharePage’s policies and guidelines to ensure a positive experience for both the user and the business.



We offer you a platform to advertise your business services, jobs or projects at The SharePage. Business owners can promote their services using any of the following modules using various profiles with no cost at all!

  1. Real Estate
  2. Job Board
  3. Freelancing
  4. Classified Services