• How Can I Add A New Profile

    You can go to the profile link on the menu and click the add/update profile . add a new profile is on the left hand menu. You will see the options to select the profile type from the drop down list. If you have already created the profile, then it will not show in the drop down list.

  • Who Can See My Posts In A Profile

    Only the people you connect to the profile, will see your post, and no one else!

  • How Many Profiles Can I Create?

    One account can have multiple profiles. When you register, the first profile you will have is your personal profile and after that you can create several different profiles. The profiles you can create are : business profile, freelancer profile, professional profile, family profile as well as employment profile. You are allowed to create two (2) different business profiles and two (2) different freelancer profiles for your different businesses and freelancing activities. We recommend that you connect all your close friends with your personal profile, business associates with business profiles, professional associates with professional profile, and family Members with family profile Employment profile is the hidden profile, which is only used to apply for jobs ad is visible to the employer when you are applying to a job.


  • What Is Sticky Note? Where Can I Find?

    Sticky note is for you to write notes and save any information! This is going to be like the personal notebook! It is located in master dashboard.

  • What Is Vault

    Vault is for saving more confidential information. you have to create a secret pin to access your vault. you will find it in the master dashboard.

  • Do I Have Pay Any Fee To Advertise On This Website?

    No. there is no fee to post any ad anywhere on this website. Its absolutely free to post. the sharepage only charges a small minimal commission only when you sell the item.until your Product sold, you don't have to pay any fee. The modules where there is no charge are: Real estate- listing properties, Classified services and Directory services.

  • Is My Privacy Intact In This Website?

    YES!! Your privacy will be intact in the sharepage! all your connections - family members, friends, business associates, Just known people to you, are going to be connected to you in Different profiles - as per your choice. anything you share within that profile will be only visible to that profile, and no one else! that means whatever communication you have between Family members will not be shared with business contacts or friends, and vice versa! unless and until you add the same person in different profile, one will not know anything of the other Profile's activities. this is the way you can have full control of your privacy, and and feel free to share anything within the profile's timeline. Also your personal information will not be shared with any third parties! whatever you do in the sharepage stays in the sharepage!

  • Will There Be Third-party Ads In This Website?

    There will be no third -party ads in this website! all the ads will be by the users posting in different modules. this website is completely ad free, only showing ads by the users.


  • What Are Sppoints?

    Sppoints are sharepage points that you earn when you spend on this website. every dollar you will spend, on any product or services, you will earn sppoints. you will be able to redeem the Sppoints as dollar value when it reaches certain amount.


  • Who Can Post A Project In The Freelancer?

    Only business profile can post projects in freelancer module. if you do not have a business profile yet, you can create it from the add/update profile page.

  • How Can I Post A Bid On A Project?

    You can post a bid on a project with your freelancer profile. create a freelancer profile with all your skills and find any suitable project that you want to work on in the freelancer module And post a bid on the project. If the project holder wants to contact you, he/she will be able to contact you from the freelancer module.

  • How Do I Get Paid For My Freelancing Work?

    When a project owner chooses you to do the project (freelancing work), he/she will create milestones for each task as per your agreement and will add funds to an escrow account, which is Held by the sharepage. once your work is complete, the project owner will release the milestone, which will be directly showing on your account on the sharepage and you can easily transfer The funds back to your bank.


  • How Can I Post A Job?

    Only business profile or professional profiles can post a job. just switch to your business or professional profile and click on the "post a job" button on the job module.

  • How Can I Apply To A Job?

    Only employment profiles can apply to a job. If you dont have an employment profile, you have to create one. this profile is private and can not add friends to this profile. you can only apply To jobs using this profile.


  • Who Can Post An Add In The Real Estate Module?

    All profiles except employment profile and freelancer profile can post an add on the real estate module. in the real estate module, you can post your property for sale for free and also you can Post an add to rent - can be a room or the entire place. rent a room ad is also free, to post. You can show your availability to rent from the calendar.


  • How Can I Sell My Art Work?

    Simply create an ad in this module using any of your profile except employment profile and upload your art work for sale! it is free to post, only when you sale sharepage takes 5% Commission from your sale. until then there is no charge and no fee to post and list your items! . If you are an artist, you can link your exhibition as well from the event module!

  • Is Selling On Art And Craft Same As Selling On Nft?



  • How Is It Different From Other Video Sites?

    It is very different ! in our video module, you will never find any ad! Finally the people of the world can watch some videos without the disturbing ads ! But you can still earn money from the videos!! just simply create your videos and upload to sell! you can put a price to your videos and others will pay to Watch! We recommend putting very small price like 10 cents to 20 cents. and watch howthis fills your account every month from viewers from all over the world!

  • How Big Videos Can I Upload?

    Our site is new and started taking its baby step hence we recommend short videos for now - max of 30 mins


  • How Can I Advertise Here?

    Just create your ads -thats all ! you can advertise all your business services here for free!!

  • Can I Receive An Enquiry Directly From My Ad?

    Of course you can! you can see all your enquiries from the enquiry page in your dashboard! You can see the enquiries received as well as enquiries sent!

  • What Are The Benefits Of The Classified Services Module?

    Posting is free! And the other good thing about this module is that you can save the ads in your favourite list and then from the favourite list you can save them in your short Listed list! Another good feature of this module , is that you can also keep notes for each service you have in your favourite or short listed ads! We have made it very easy for you to use this website and help make your life easy!


  • What Is Directory Service For?

    This module gives an added exposure of your business services!! it has the listings of all the businesses . Ever time a user creates a new business profile, they have the option of listing their business in the directory services - and it is absolutely free!

  • What Information Is Advertised In The Business Directory?

    Business directory will list everything about your business that you share in this website such as : The business description, Jobs postings, Events, Videos, News, Store, Images/gallery, In one place anyone can learn about your business services ! this is especially userful job seekers before an interview and also the investors to know detail About your business.


  • Who Can Create Groups?

    Anyone can start a group, except employment profiles!

  • What Are The Benefits Of Creating Groups In The Sharepage?

    Once you have a group, you can do many things within the group such as Create a discussion forum Share documents Create folders and upload files in the folders for members to see Have private events Have a small store that is only for the group members. Communicate with others on the group's timeline. And for admin of the group - you can send group messages by email for free Or send cell phone messages at an extra cost

  • Who Can Join The Group?

    For anyone to join the group they have to be a registered member of the sharepage. And any profile can join the group except employment profile


  • What Does Nft Mean?

    Nft stands for non-fungible token (nft) Nfts are unique and intangible digital assets of any art work(images, videos, music etc) that can be sold over the internet after converting them to digital tokens through a technique called Cryptography, and the process is called minting. the difference between nfts and other digital art work is that nfts have a unique identity which is kept and verified on a blockchain (a Digital ledger). each nft is non-fungible, meaning it canít be readily exchanged for another asset of similar value. Nft assets are created and sold with one unique version on the blockchain and that gives its high value because an nft can only have one owner at a timeóno one can alter its ownership or Mint the same nft on the blockchain as it has its own unique identity. This is why the creator of nft can set any price to their artwork assets (nft). Each nft can function as a proof of original ownership, authenticity and unique in its design and type and it is Limited in quantity and not interchangeable. one has to pay a fee to create these unique smart tokens (contracts) using the cryptography.

  • Who Can Create An Nft?

    ANYONE !! WELL ACTUALLY NOT REALLY..ITS FOR THE ARTIST AS SUCH.. Whether youíre an artist, musician, collector, entrepreneur, or company, you can create your very own NFT by using easy minting tools available on NFT marketplaces and sell in the SharePage NFT Market.

  • What Do I Need To Sale My Art Work As A A Crypto?

    You will need to go through the following steps to start selling your nfts here: 1. Download metamask (google chrome metamask) 2. Buy/transfer eth from another platform (www.Crypto.com) 3. Transfer your eth tO meta mask 4. Create your nft (in your personal computer/laptop) and upload on the sharepage.

  • How Much Does The Sharepage Take On Commission??

    The sharepage takes 7% commission for every NFT sale .


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