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Subscription Benefits

The subscription package of The SharePage offers several valuable benefits for to the business owners including:

  1. Unlimited Posting - Subscribers have unlimited posting capabilities in all modules of The SharePage:

    • Store (Sale as Retail or Wholesale)
    • Job board
    • Real Estate 
    • Rent a Room 
    • Event Module
    • Arts and Crafts 
    • Video 
  • Bulk Import option in store module: The store module on The SharePage offers a bulk import option, which makes it easy for subscribers to upload multiple products or services at once. This can save them time and effort, especially if they have a large inventory.

  1. Analytical Dashboard: The SharePage provides an analytical dashboard that offers insights and metrics on subscribers’ activities, such as post engagement, website traffic, and product status, sales chart etc.  This can help subscribers track their performance and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Overall, these benefits can make The SharePage a valuable tool for subscribers who want to promote their businesses, services, or projects effectively and connect with their target audience. Membership duration:

The subscription package is renewable every 30 days.

Subscription cost is $100 USD only per month or $1000 USD per year.