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Privacy Policy


The SharePage Policy And Rules

SharePage offers a common ground for everyone to share information/ideas, sell products and advertise services or just enjoy creating a space for themselves. SharePage is for every one to use and will reach everyone as far as internet goes,  so to continue to offer the enjoyable experience to our users, we have to have some code of conduct principles on the activities of our users so that the content is safe for everyone to see thus giving an enjoyable experience to the users.

Everyone is free to post on this site and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information shared by the users but the Rules and Limitations will maintain a standard that everyone will appreciate at the end of the day.

The limitations are that the users of our website cannot post anything that:

► Violates our policy

► Has nudity or other sexually suggestive content of any nature

► Is defamatory content

► Incomplete, false, misleading information

► Hate speech /racist content

► Threats or direct attacks or warning of such action on an individual or group

► Showing causing injury to others self-inflicted injury or any type of violence

► Fraudulent activities – creating fake store accounts

► Fake profiles or untrue profile content

► Will misrepresent the user, or impersonate others

► Is spamming by various means

► Intentionally flagging other users

All users using The SharePage website must adhere to our policy and code of conduct. Violation of the code of conduct may result in suspending the user account, either temporarily or permanently at our discretion, but we will give you warnings on most cases and immediately remove the posts.

We have a very defined flag management system where anyone can flag anything that violates our policy on code of conduct. The post is immidiately taken down and analyzed later, if it is appropriately flagged, we will remove the post from public view permanently, whereas if it was not appropriately flagged , then we will publish the post back and notfy the user who has flagged the item and perform further enquiry if this activity of any use continues. 

Please contact us for more information.