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Copyright Notice 

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SharePage offers a space for our users to share their information. When an information is posted, whether it is a text, or image or video or audio, it becomes the property of the SharePage and must comply with the policy of SharePage and must abide by the code of conduct of SharePage. SharePage makes every reasonable effort to offer a happy and joyful experience for everyone using the website by placing:

  • Code of conduct policies
  • Flag management
  • Report a violation However SharePage is not responsible and cannot guarantee that the information posted on SharePage is accurate, current and trust worthy, however we have placed various opportunities for everyone to report any information that violates our policy.

Disclaimer of the User’s content

SharePage do not take the responsibility for the ownership of any information shared by the users. Any information posted on The SharePage is solely responsible of the user. User assumes and assures that all rights of the posted content belong to the rightful owner of the information, whether it is the user or someone else as the source user received the information, and protected by the individual’s intellectual property rights. It is entirely the responsibility of the users to own the rightfulness of their posted content.

Sharepage do not take the responsibility or give warrant on the data if damage incurred by any direct, indirect or consequential action of the SharePage, however The SharePage keeps a backup of the users’s data and assures users that The Sharepage will put every effort to restore the data if any such incidents occur. 

User’s Data

The SharePage collects users personal data and any information posted by the user and stores them in the database owned by the SharePage. Users information is only kept on the database of the SharePage for the sole purpose of allowing users to use their information on their account on the website. SharePage do not own the users’ data . Users are solely responsible of managing their content unless otheriwse, it violates The SharePages code of conduct, and as such the information is then removed by The SharePage management.  The SharePage do not share any of the user’s content with any third party .