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The SharePage is not just a platform,it's a transformative movement.

The SharePage


What is The SharePage?


The SharePage is a comprehensive one-stop shop and a networking platform, akin to a SOUQ, where it invites users from all walks of life to connect with each other on various levels—be it personal, professional, or business and still maintain a degree of privacy in communication. Aside from networking and sharing of information, users have the freedom of engaging in a multitude of activities, including recruiting, freelancing, training, booking for services, renting, buying and selling etc. to monetize from the platform.

The SharePage is committed to “User Empowerment”. It redefines online interaction by seamlessly blending THREE crucial elements "PROSPERITY", “PRIVACY”, “INCLUSIVITY”.

PROSPERITY: by presenting the opportunity to earn from multiple streams! Users earn from their connections, as well as through a plethora of services, all under one account.

PRIVACY: by having different profiles, users whether personally and professionally can connect with everyone in their lives and have a degree of "PRIVACY" in communication on this platform, all under one account.

INCLUSIVITY: The SharePage ensures equal opportunities for all users, regardless of their background, to participate and thrive within the platform’s ecosystem.  



Diverse User Base: Fostering a community that embraces individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, creating a rich and diverse user base.

Non-discriminatory Environment: Establishing a non-discriminatory environment where users can interact, collaborate, and engage without fear of bias or prejudice.

Through this distinct approach, The SharePage sets apart as an unmatched and truly exclusive online destination, a networking platform offering substantial value to our users while creating a mutually beneficial sustainable ecosystem for business to consumers (B2C) and business to business (B2B) users.



At The SharePage, our resolute mission is to be a beacon of positive change and empowerment of the users on a global scale. We provide an innovative platform that not only champions the principles of Non-discriminatory, inclusivity but also serves as a catalyst for profound financial growth, preserves communication privacy, and stands as a platform for prosperity.

Our mission is in democratizing financial opportunities, uplifting users from diverse backgrounds through accessible resources and opportunities. The SharePage is committed to being a pivotal player in the financial journey of our users, offering tools and insights that foster both personal and professional advancement.The SharePage redefines digital interaction, ensuring that everyone has the tools and opportunities needed to flourish and succeed on their unique path.



At, we want to inspire, integrate, and foster positive changes in the world using the power of sustainability in social, economical, and technological aspects of life.

The SharePage is not just a platform; it’s a transformative movement.


The SharePage values its users and their potential for success.

The SharePage is providing its users with a platform to earn and make the most out of their time online. Users can have a passive income from referral commissions . Additionally, The SharePage offers earning opportunities from various modules to help users find new ways to be productive, creative, and make a difference in their lives.  

The SharePage believes in providing equal opportunities for everyone and offers a range of modules that users can use to their advantage. Some of the modules available on the platform include personal sales, retail store, wholesale store, renters place and group benefits. Each of these modules is designed to cater to different needs and interests of our users.


In addition to the free modules, The SharePage also offers a subscription plan for business users which provides additional benefits such as a website on the platform, access to advanced features, and more. This plan is designed to help businesses grow and expand their reach on the platform.


 The modules that are offered currently at the SharePage are:


  • Personal Store – post personal items to sell in this section of the Store Module
  • Retail Store – post retail items to sell at the Retail Store
  • Wholesale Store – post wholesale items to sell/advertise at the Wholesale section. This is open to all wholesalers, Manufacturers
  • Auction –Auction your items whether its a personal item or retail business inventory, you can post your items in the auction on The SharePage.
  • Job Board – post jobs using employment or professional profile and search and apply for jobs using job seeker profile
  • Freelancer – post projects using employment or professional profile and search and bid for freelancing contract work using freelancer profile
  • Classified Services – advertise for free of all your classified services and community information
  • Real Estate – advertise real estate using several profiles   Business Directory - list your business to the directory for easy advertising
  • Videos – upload and share your videos to all your contact, you can also start selling videos from this module
  • Art work / Photos – share or sell your art work, or photography
  • Events – promote local events and sell tickets online and get a detailed report of your past events   
  • Business Space - offers a free webspace for the businesses
  • Business For Sale - offers a platform for business to advertise the sale of their businesses
  • Training – learn or offer training by making a training video
  • NFT - Users can now link their crypto wallet and buy and sell NFT artwork from the SharePage
  • POS (POINT OF SALE) - The SharePage offers a POS application for their local clients. The POS is available for the Business Profile users, available through the subscription plan.



The other features the SharePage has are:


  • Groups – create private or public groups and share audio, video, photo, documents with group members as well as send sms or email campaign to the group members
  • Dashboard – Get a snapshot of all your activities of all the modules in the main and also see the detailed activities of each module in the module dashboard
  • Sticky Notes – keep a personal note like sticky notes for keeping notes whenever you need to
  • Vault – password protected notes – so you can now save you confidential information on your vault to never to lose it again and have instant access to it by unlocking with a code sent to your phone.
  • Messenger – instantly interact with others through inbuilt messenger
  • Email – instantly contact with others through inbuilt email.
  • Newsletters – send sms or email newsletter to all the members in your group